Suppose you're walking through Wal-mart or Target one day. Maybe you're just killing time, so you're just browsing. Then someone approaches you and says something like, "That'll be five dollars please."

My first thought would be, "Oh, I guess the oxygen here isn't free anymore." Actually, I'd probably laugh and keep moving. Then the clerk would press on and inform me that the store has implemented a "just looking" fee.

First of all, you need to understand that Target and Wal-mart have instituted no such fee. They're just examples. And, actually, that hasn't even yet happened in this country. It's a grocery store in Australia that sells nothing but gluten-free products. It's called Celiac Supplies.

The gluten allergy has become more prevalent of late and I suppose this retailer is answering the call. But the store doesn't want anyone to be there just browsing. So, in other words, if you're in there at all, you're getting charged for something, whether you walk out of the joint with merchandise or not.

Now, if you DO buy something, that five dollar fee will be deducted from your purchase. So, if you go in and buy nothing, you'll be charged five bucks. If you buy something, they'll knock five bucks off the tab. That's either bad business, makes no sense at all, or both.

I certainly hope no one in the US of A looks at this as a desirable business model. Folks in this country wouldn't put up with that for two seconds and the store in question would be closed before it opened. But Celiac Supplies is still in business, so what I do know.

[UPDATE: I decided to hit YouTube to see if I could find anything on this, and I did. In fact, I found the store's explanation for this policy, which you can see below]