Hunter Hayes debuted his brand new single, "Invisible"--an anti-bullying anthem--during Sunday night's Grammy Awards. His performance was scheduled early in the broadcast, which shows me the producers wanted to make sure the song was heard.

In the Entertainment Tonight interview, Hunter reveals a past that included bullying when he was in school. It got me to thinking about how I was picked on when I was young. Yep, that's right. Before my pubescent growth spurt that turned me into a gigantasaurus, I was kind of a squirt. A pudgy squirt, but a squirt nonetheless.

And there were older kids on the bus who would pick on me. But would you like to know why?

It was because of the white spot in my hair. Yep, my birth mark.

For some reason, they thought I was overly sensitive about it and used that to be mean. But, I never was the least bit sensitive about my birth mark and never understood why they thought I would be.

Who knows? Kids can be jerks. And, to be honest, bullying back then wasn't nearly the psychological torture it is today. We didn't have social media when I was a kid, and I fully believe that has more to do with the severity and consequences of bullying than just about anything.

Also, as I got older, I'd fight back. There are those who'd say that was the wrong thing to do. At the time, I didn't agree.

I'm glad Hunter Hayes' record label has released this song. Throwing a spotlight on bullying--which has become an epidemic--will always be a good idea.