Are we supposed to embrace EVERY social media outlet? Because this particular video--which appears to be a clunkier version of a GIF--doesn't sell the latest one, Vine, very well.

The woman's hysterical because she was told she could walk into her nearby Apple Store and get the part she wanted. But that doesn't appear to be the case. And it sounds like she says "cart" instead of "part" which makes it all the funnier...I guess.

You see, instead of one of those entertaining videos where ordinary everyday citizens show their dark sides in public arenas, we are treated, through Vine, to a replay of a 7-second exchange this woman has with an Apple Store clerk. It's little wonder that when I found the video, it was somehow already muted. I don't know how you can do that, but apparently you can.

In short, there are good GIFS--like University of Mississippi hoops player Marshall Henderson taunting an opposing crowd on their turf (middle finger alert)--and there are bad ones--like hysterical Apple Store customer not getting her cart.

Uh, part.