First of all, three cheers for Video On Demand. I didn't realize what a vital part of my life it was until I had it. It's because of VOD that I have discovered a great many shows I don't catch when they air in their regular time slots.

Now, I did not "discover" Duck Dynasty; it was already a national phenomenon when I looked in for the first time. To be quite honest, I'm not sure I get why I enjoy it. But I do.

There's something ingenious about creating a reality show about a family becoming millionaires because of duck calls. I love that. By the way, I've seen some of those duck calls at Bass Pro Shops and they cost a pretty penny.

These folks are completely unaffected by cameras and publicity. This is just the Robertson family--Willie, Phil, Jase, Kay, Korie, Si, and Jep--and this is who they are. And it's really funny. In fact, some of the humor derived from the show is so subtle, you might miss it.

I don't know how this came to be, but somebody was thinking way out of the box and boy did it work. It works for Daniel Epperson, too.

Here's his tribute to Duck Dynasty's third season. It's called "Redneck Heroes."