I spent most of the Memorial Day holiday weekend in t-shirts. It was so hot, any other choice would have seemed like a poor one. And I probably didn't pay more than $15--at the most--for any of them.

I then saw a headline appear on Yahoo! about t-shirts that every guy should own. I'm a t-shirt guy, so I clicked on it. Uh, this, as it turns out, is more of a list of t-shirts that every guy who wants to set fire to his money should own.

I'm a bargain hunter. Total cheapskate. But I really don't think you need to be an avid penny-pincher to see the folly in paying some of the prices in this GQ feature story.

The first shirt, priced at $40, was startling enough. But I kept going to discover a Levi's vintage t-shirt for $95. Yes...NINETY-FIVE DOLLARS!!! And, silly as this sounds, it got worse.

As I scrolled down, I found a plain, gray t-shirt that'll set the buyer back $102. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO DOLLARS!!! Seriously, people, they're t-shirts, not small appliances.

Thanks, GQ, but no thanks.