A van veers off the highway and flips upside down. The passengers are a man, a woman, a little girl…and us.

What then looks like a rescue attempt by a mysterious British woman turns out to be the attempted kidnapping of the girl and the murders of the man and woman, her foster parents.

Meanwhile, a priest is escorted to the cell of a death row inmate to administer last rites. The prisoner claims innocence and the priest informs him that this is, in fact, a jail break.

And THAT is just the first five minutes of NBC’s cool new supernatural mid-season series Believe which I stumbled upon Monday night while anticipating the latest episode of The Blacklist.

I lucked out. Had I known ahead of time that The Blacklist wasn’t going to be on, I wouldn’t have been on NBC at 9PM on a Monday night.

Glad I was.

The first episode of Believe--directed by the show's creator, newly-minted Best Director Oscar-winner Alfonso Cuaron--is promising and I look forward to the next one. However, it’s moving to its permanent time slot of Sunday nights at 8. And that is set aside for The Walking Dead. So I Believe that I will look for it on On Demand.

Check out the trailer that premiered last year at Comic-Con: