I am no William -- but, without revealing too much on that special night in July 1983 when I asked Debra to marry me and told her "I love you" I was first to say it. Since then I assumed I was out of the ordinary by doing so because I would have thought women would say the three magic words first.

Au contraire. To go a little frenchy on you. It is most often the man who says it first.

In a recent study (isn't it always) at Penn State University it was discovered men are THREE times more likely to say I Love You than women.  Sure, they may say it to lead to more than dinner -- but they do say it first.  The researchers also determined that these weren’t just empty words, and that men typically fall in love in a matter of weeks, while it takes months for a woman to feel the same way.

And, sometimes men just hear what they WANT to hear.