Hi, my name is Tink. That is pronounced Teenk. Just in from celebrating Cinco de Mayo I am ready to move in with you. Me Casa is sue Casa? I will be on with Chad and Luna esta minana.

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Moon here. Tink is a male Chihuahua Mix. She is an adult and weighs around 25 pounds. He's been neutered and has all shots.Tink may be 5 or 6, perhaps a little older. According to his foster parent, "Tink shakes a lot as some chihuahuas do. He is very sweet and likes to sit in your lap. Tink is crate trained and gets along okay with other dogs unless they get up in his grill. Then he politely asks them to back off. He hasn’t really paid much attention to the cats so I believe we can safely say he won’t chase them. We would also ask that Tink not go to a home with small children due to his nervousness".

Tink has an injury to his back leg and Sparky continues to have him checked out. If you are interested in Tink please email him at tink@sparkyrescue.com or call 270-684-4787.