Yesterday was the Owensboro Bridal Expo at The Riverpark Center. One day last week, Natalie from The NSalon and Spa called and asked me to be a hair model. This is funny for two reasons; I have terrible hair and I'm not any kind of a model! Ha! But, of course I said yes! And, we had a blast!The first thing I noticed yesterday morning when I walked in our dressing room is how much older I was than all of the other models. I mean, I felt like I was a substitute teacher at OHS! Ha! (Even though right before it was show time, I found a girl I met on NYE that was my age. Where had she been the whole day?!?) Either way, it was kinda fun being around that age group. Even thou I was forced to deal with my age, ha!

So, my friend Kandi fixed my hair, and I must say it looked fabulous! It's just in my blood, but I LOVE getting all dressed up! It's SO much fun! I had two dresses to pick from; one was a little snug (to say the least!) and one was too big. So, squeezed very carefully into the beautiful wedding gown I went! PS... I haven't worn that size since about freshman year at Mayfield High School. And, if I don't get food poisoning anytime soon, I won't see it again for a long time, if ever!

To add a little color, I added some hot pink high heels. (Of course I did!)

While waiting in our line, right before we were going out, I noticed one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I've ever seen. And, if y'all know me, I'm a wedding nut! Love em, can't get enough! So, I met Haley Fields from Muhlenberg County. Turns out, this was her own wedding dress. So, naturally I asked her how long ago she had gotten married; she laughed. I was confused. Turns out, she doesn't get married until March 30th!! Of course, I almost had a heart attack!! Needless to say, the floor backstage at RPC wasn't quite clean enough for the fully beaded train swaying across it. Spot clean girl!! Ha! But, she was delightful and will be a beautiful bride. Trust me, I've already seen her in the dress and she was glowing! Good Luck Haley!

So, even thou at first I felt a little out of place with all of those young whippersnappers.... it turned out to be a really fun day!

Guess that princess feeling doesn't go away with age... it's good to know that!