On August 5th, when the Cake Boss brings his "Baking with the Boss" Tour to Evansville's Victory Theatre, I'll be as close to Buddy Valastro as I'm likely ever gonna get. It might be my only chance to find out what he would create were I to ask him to make a zombie cake.

Now why, you might ask, would I want a cake like that? Well, I guess my reputation for being weird--at least, according to SOME people--precedes me. But, no, that cake would be for a theoretical season premiere party for The Walking Dead sometime this fall.

Why is it a "theoretical" party?

Because...well...it's a theoretical cake. I'm fairly certain I couldn't afford one of the Cake Boss's masterpieces. But maybe if I were to plant the seed of thought in his head, it might turn up on a future show. It would be the only way I'd get to see, I think.

Or, maybe I'll get lucky and he'll do it at the show on August 5th.

Regardless, whatever he comes up with will be well worth the price of admission.