There's a period of time we all pass through every single year. It begins in March and ends in June. I think it's called "spring." I'd have to check. It's typically that period of time when we begin to leave the cold and bluster of the winter season behind and start to warm up. For good. Ah, but THIS is the Ohio Valley. And you know what they say? Hint: the first part of the answer is the headline.

Yep, "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Well, that old adage has been put to really good use lately. For at least the last month, the amount of severe weather inflicted upon the tri-state has amped up. And, yes, there have been varying degrees of severe weather--culminating with that massive cold front a couple of days ago, which caused massive wind damage and a few tornadoes in Indiana. In Kentucky, there weren't as many tornado warnings, but there was a lot of rain. It was so weird. I was here at the station and watched this system blow in at a breakneck pace. But when it got here, it sat over Owensboro and surrounding counties for quite a bit of time. It's like it hit a wall. Ohio County had flood warnings well into the overnight hours. And then the cold weather from the front settled in and we went from the 80s on Tuesday to the 40s on Wednesday. I have many different types of jackets in my car for this reason. But I always have; I know the area well. And it looks my five minutes are just about up. Time to change clothes.