Okay, so maybe it's starting to seem like I've become a little obsessed with keeping insects at bay, these days. But I can't help it if two home-grown remedies for bug repellence just fell into my lap within the last couple of weeks. This time around, all you need to do is open your bathroom cabinet.

With flood waters finally (if slowly in some places) starting to recede, we're left with its unfortunate residual effects. Naturally, there are concerns about expensive road damage. But we have another matter that will likely occupy our minds going forward--mosquitoes. I've heard the topic come up in conversation just about everywhere I go. We all are quite familiar with the Ohio Valley and its knack for attracting mosquitoes even in the mildest conditions. But I've been travelling the backroads the last few days and still see lakes where lakes didn't used to be--a veritable breeding ground for our most annoying six-legged foe. But Tabatha the Receptionist may have a solution. You remember Tabatha, don't you? The one with the feet? Well, she came to me with the news that her grandmother has been using Listerine to keep mosquitoes away. From, what I understand, you're supposed to put it in a spray bottle and spritz your perimeter. It's not like Off!--don't use it on your skin. And, it's the yellow kind that's supposed to work the best. Now, there are arguments for and against "Listerine-as-mosquito-killer," and some call it a flat-out myth. I've never tried it myself. But I'm willing to attempt anything when it comes to those little monsters. They LOVE me. If any of you have ever tried it, let me know. Home remedies rock...so long as they work.