On Thanksgiving, we're always reminded of how the little things really do make the biggest impressions on our lives. Of course, I'm thankful for my little ray of sunshine Carsyn, my family, friends, job, health and of course...you, my listeners! But, here lately, with another family member beginning her service to our great country, I'm more thankful of all of the men and women who are away from their families to protect ours. As I've told y'all recently, my cousin Tiffany recently joined the Navy. She graduates next weekend with honors and I couldn't be more proud! Her mom, dad and brother made the nine hour drive from Milan, TN to Chicago yesterday to be with her for Thanksgiving. It reminded me of how many men and women in our military are away from their families during the holidays to protect us. I can only imagine how hard it is for all of those husbands, wives, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and sons and daughters that are without the most important people in their lives on such a special day. I remember last year at this time, my cousin Trey was overseas serving and how something was missing from our holiday spirit.

Me and Cousin Trey

So, today, I'm thankful that at 8:48am, Carsyn has already gotten a spanking and my Mom and I have already gotten into an argument. I'm thankful that one of my twin nephews woke me up at 4:15am because he left his hunting clothes in our bedroom. I'm thankful that we'll all talk about how crazy our Memaw is and secretly wonder when we'll all turn into her, ha!

I'm thankful for those like my cousins Trey and Tiffany, who give selflessly for all of us the ability to celebrate Thanksgiving with our loved ones.

Thank you for serving our great country! And, let's all keep those families who are missing someone at their Thanksgiving dinner today in our thoughts and prayers.