If you need of directions, you just might be getting a little Hoosier hospitality the next time you use your navigation system.

That’s because General Motors has begun phasing in 48-year-old Diane Williamson of New Albany, Indiana as the new voice for the popular OnStar navigation and safety feature that can be found in many of GM's automobiles.

Williamson has been spending the last two years recording scripted voice-overs that will help drivers use their OnStar system, as well as for the system's  step-by-step navigational directions and roadside assistance.

According to OnStar spokesperson Cheryl McCarron, Williamson is being gradually worked in to become the voice of the whole system.

“If you have OnStar, North American English, that’s me,” said Williamson.

Although you may have never heard of Williamson, she certainly had to pay her dues before becoming he voice of General Motor’s anything. Actually, she has been using her voice to earn a living since 1985, starting with an on-air gig at WXLN Christian Radio. From there, she landed some jobs on other radio stations and consistently did freelance voice-over work for many national companies, but prior to landing the job as the voice of OnStar, she worked as a telemarketer for a local construction company.