We surveyed 100 people. The top seven answers are on the board. Here's the question. Name a member of the indie folk band The Hunts that begins with the letter "J."

If you say Jenni, Jessi, Jonathan, Josh, Jordan, Justin, or Jamison, you are on the board!

This talented musical family from Chesapeake, Virginia will be performing Tuesday night, January 29th at Felix E. Martin Jr. Hall in Greenville. Honestly, when I received the e-mail about these guys, I had to do some research; I'd never heard of them.

Thankfully, I now have. I love their sound! They have their own YouTube page and I suggest you spend a little time there.

Now, before you watch their performance of one of my all-time favorite songs--Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"--I want to tell you that I'm giving you a chance to win tickets to see The Hunts in concert all this week during the Afternoon Drive Home.

Got that? Okay, now proceed to the video.