What do you get when you cross "delicious Lay's Wavy Chips" with "luscious milk chocolate"?  You get the "salty and sweet magic" of Lay's Milk Chocolate Wavy Lays.  We heard rumors that Lay's was ready to launch its latest tasty creation, so Tuesday morning on The WBKR Waking Crew, we set out to find bags of them and poll our listeners' taste buds with a simple "Yay or Nay?"  What's the verdict?

WBKR Waking Crew regular Kizzy was all worked up at the mere mention of a chocolate-coated potato chip.  She called the show and claimed to have died and gone to the great big grocery store in the sky.  LOL!  Listen . . .

Other WBKR listeners chimed in on Facebook in our daily Tad Poll.  Here are some of our favorite responses from the day:

Heather Marie Hendren: Up and comer at Lay's- "Let's take two addictive foods and put them together in one bag.  They'll eat the whole thing in one sitting."  Lay's Executive- "BRILLIANT! You, sir, get a raise and free triple heart bypass."  (Insert eye roll).

Matt Adams People are not overweight because of the things they eat! People are overweight because they choose not to exercise! If you don't want to eat a chocolate covered potato chip don't eat it! If you do, you will be part of the cool people who have actually tried it!

Karen GriepenstrohOh no, This is just plain and downright sickening.....The New Lays Barf Chips.... Yay !!

Kimberly Hampton: Nay, sweet, greasy and salty, not a good combination. Kinda like the chicken and waffles chip they had... Nasty.

Joan PleasantUmmm....YES, PLEASE!!! Lol Those look so delicious!!

Josh BrustAnd don't ya know, I'd try anything thrice!

Debbie JacksonBet you can't eat just one!

And what did we think when Brett "Puppy" Wharff returned to the studio after his Wavy Lay- finding mission to Target?  Well, see for yourself . . .

Photo by Roxianne the Receptionist and she liked them too!