As the mother of a four year-old little girl, my life pretty much revolves around princesses and fairies. Throw in the occasional horse ride, some dress-up clothes, her latest boyfriend and that pretty much describes all of our conversations and activities. I understand the obsession. I've been in love with Disney movies and the princesses ever since I can remember. What I don't remember is Cinderella looking like she's had some work done. Seriously, y'all...

Carsyn got a candy box at a birthday party over the weekend and I was a little taken back by how grown-up the princesses looked on the candy. Don't believe me...

Take a look for yourself!

Let's discuss...

First of all, I don't remember Ariel looking like that. Pretty sure King Triton would be stirring up the ocean and upending a fishing boat if he saw those bedroom eyes!

Is that really Cinderella?!? Since when did she have some work done? (We'll get to her lips later!)

And Rapunzel... Speaking of Tangled, just what do you think you're doing with your hair little lady? It's a little too seductive for me! (See parents, that's what happens when you lock your child away in a tower and try to protect them from the world!)

Ok, back to Cinderella's lips... Let's take a closer look.


Yep, it's official... little miss 'sweep the stairs, do the laundry' has for sure had my friend Amber at Advanced Aesthetics introduce her to Juvederm.  I'm thinking lips and checks, thoughts?!? Hey, before you throw out that hater flag, I'm not judging, to each his own. I'm just sayin... ;)

I'm just glad Pocahontas missed this boat... that child barely had any clothes on to begin with, ha!