Kentucky can't do any better than tie for 10th place? Come on, now. Eat up, we gotta do better. Yes,  according to a new report from the CDC,

Southern and Midwestern states had the highest obesity rates. Mississippi’s famous fried foods did it no favors — more than a third of its residents are obese, giving the Magnolia State the dubious honor of being the fattest in the nation. Now, your top ten.

The most obese states:

1. Mississippi
2. Louisiana
3. West Virginia
4. Alabama
5. Michigan
6. Oklahoma
7. Arkansas
8. (tie) Indiana and South Carolina
10. Kentucky and Texas

If you want to know where the skinny people live, here's that list starting with Colorado. Colorado? Home of Coors? Home of Blue Moon?

The thinnest states:

1. Colorado
2. Hawaii
3. Massachusetts
4. (tie) New Jersey and the District of Columbia
6. California
7. Utah
8. (tie) New York, Connecticut and Nevada