Well, it happened again this morning. I turned on the TV and the first face I saw was Charlie Sheen's. We SERIOUSLY have to stop meeting like this. I would like for it to be time for the cameras to get out of HIS grill so he can get out of MINE.

And, I think it's gone beyond just being tired of it all. We've all gone through this sort of media blitz before with any number of other troubled celebrities.  But this feels different. There's something about the way Sheen grows more maniacal with each subsequent interview. I can't tell if it's due to some mental health issue or his addiction--although he's claimed that's under control. And to compound the situation, his behavior has become so outlandish you kind of wonder in the back of your mind if he's putting this all on. He IS an actor. I don't know.  If he needs help--I mean serious attention--he should shut this media circus down and do that, pronto. And if that IS the situation, it's pretty sad that he wouldn't want to. And as I write this I'm thinking it likely isn't the latter. I doubt he'd take a huge publicity stunt to such an extreme that it would cost him his job. The guy just needs as much help as possible right now. You know, you want to sort of lump him in with Lindsey Lohan in the "Too Much Too Soon" category, but he's been at this a while. He comes from a well-known acting family. I remember the first time I saw him in something, it was 25 years ago and he had a prominent role in the Vietnam War flick "Platoon." And he's been on the radar ever since, but never in this way. I think seeing less and less of Charlie Sheen would do more than just a few people a lot of good.