As most of you know, although I really love my job as your Midday Show host, I'd much rather be singing country music! I get requests all of the time to play my own music on WBKR, but I'll be honest... it's kind of weird to play my own songs on the air. I absolutely love hearing how much you love the songs, but it's still hard for me to play them for you.

But, now... we are going to mix my two "jobs", radio DJ and singer into a weekly web video series that you can catch every Thursday, right here!

Along with Consignment Connection and R U Sleeping, we proudly introduce...

"Jac's Jukebox"!

Check out our website every Thursday morning for a video of me, along with my friend Chad from R U Sleeping, covering one of my favorite songs or one of my own. This coming Thursday will be the first video and I think you deserve some new music from me! (Oh... if you were at the Big O Music Fest this past Saturday, you've already heard it!)

Our own Chad Benefield wrote this one and we got together and really made it our own!

So, make sure and check out the first-ever "Jac's Jukebox", coming to your computer screen this Thursday!

And, if you have any requests for a song you'd like to hear me sing, just comment below or email me...

We're SO excited about this and hope you are too!