Working here at WBKR, I've done a lot to raise money for local and national charities... scale a rock wall in a Wonder-Woman costume, jump into a freezing pond for Special Olympics, you name it, I've done it. Well, now I can add a boot camp class for Christmas Wish to the list!

Our friends (and after the class, I use that term lightly, haha) at Edge Body Boot Camp decided to raise money for Christmas Wish and on Monday, turned in $500. How awesome is that?!? While there, they challenged me to attending a boot camp class and they would donate an extra $100 to the cause. So, naturally, I took the challenge!

Well... I survived. Barely, haha! The class was on Wednesday, today is Sunday and I'm just now able to put my shoes on without crying.

When they came back into the CW office, not only did they bring $100, but they brought an additional $500! How awesome is it that they donated a full $1000 to the kids of the Tri-State!

I'm glad that I could be a small part of such a great donation!