Alright guys, I have something to confess... I like somebody... a lot.

I saw him in a grocery store and it made my heart beat a little faster and my face gotta little flush. I put lipgloss on to make sure I looked nice and I decided to approach the single gentleman. He's a little shorter than I usually go for but he is adorable and very sweet. Now, I knew who he was - I'd seen him before and I decided to go up and say something. "Hey there handsome... I want you... in my belly."

We decided to get outta there and I did something I don't normally do. I told him that he was going home with me.

Once inside my home, I couldn't contain myself any longer. I popped open the bag of yummy deliciousness and I took my first bite. It was... fabalacious. I couldn't stop, he made my tummy hurt!

White chocolate candy corn M&M guy, you are the only man in my life that I need. Can't wait for Valentine's Day, Boo. MUWHA!