All you have to do to know that Jaclyn Graves is a little crazy is tune into her each weekday from 9am to 2pm here on WBKR.  Now, Jaclyn is one of my very best friends and I, because I have a long list of them as well, love all of her zany quirks.  I know things about her even her husband and "lady" doctor don't know.  So, I feel like I need to share some of those secrets with YOU!  One thing you may not know about Jaclyn is that she is ALWAYS late!  I used to think that Dave Spencer wrote the book on driving into the parking lot at 92 miles an hour because he was going to miss the start of his airshift!  That is until I witnessed the day Jaclyn zipped into the parking lot (like she's freaking Danica Patrick) and rammed her GMC Acadia up in the middle of a tree!

WTH???  She parked in a tree!  What is she?  A chimp?  Does she miss hanging out in the tree limbs with her simian friends?  Just imagine how the birds felt when they looked up an saw this crazy-a@# blonde girl pulling into their nests at 150!  I mean, birds, by natural order, always run the risk of ending up splattered against the grill of a truck anyway. . . but rarely does the grill of the truck come to their house! 

To truly capture  Jaclyn's feat, I took a variety of photos from several vantage points.  Enjoy!

As you can see, no matter how you slice it . . . no matter where you're standing . . . no matter the direction you're looking . . . this chick parked in a tree!  I'm surprised the airbag didn't deploy!  She could have walked into the WBKR studio that morning with two black eyes and airbag burns!   

Yes!  That picture was taking from the driver's seat!  Did Jaclyn not realize that she drove head-first into a wilderness?  Did she not realize that her vehicle was going to look like it was being eaten by that gigantic plant in Little Shop of Horrors?  Was the plant screaming, "Feed me!!  Feed me!!" and Jaclyn just figured she would take one for the team?

Isn't it amazing that this girl has never had her driver's license revoked?  Isn't it amazing that her husband, Mater, actually allows her to strap Carsyn into the baby seat in the back?  Of course, I suppose if you're Carsyn . . . driving with Mom on Frederica Street is like driving through Yellowstone National Park.

I show you these pictures as a public service.  If you are the proud owner of a rose bush, a flowering shrub, or an evergreen . . . BEWARE!!  There's an Acadia coming your way and it's driven by a dingbat with blonde hair!