Well, we knew that it would probably happen one day. It was inevitable with all of the country music events that we go to, I would one day be at the same event as Brantley Gilbert. I have been known to express my opinions about him wearing his nasty cut-off gym t-shirts to award shows and the fact that he wears more jewelery than I do.This past weekend, we were in Memphis for our annual Country Cares seminar for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Friday night at our casino event, I looked up and in he walks.

We had seen him earlier in the day during our tour of the hospital, so I knew he was there. Of course the time to  talk to him about his fashion choices was not at the hospital, ha! So, when he was taking pictures and talking with other radio dj's that night, I knew this was my chance!

Now, Chad was provoking me to tell him just what I thought. (You know, he's always such a good influence, ha!) So, I did! Here's how our conversation went...

Brantley: "Hey, how are you?"

Me: "Great, you? I'm Jaclyn and I work for WBKR in Owensboro, KY."

Brantley: "Nice to meet you."

Me: "Ok... so, please don't take this the wrong way. I always tell my listeners that it pretty much drives me crazy that you wear those old cut-off nasty gym t-shirts to award shows and that you wear more jewelry than me. I'm needing to get a cute photo of us looking silly, they'll love it! How about I put some of your rings on?!?"

(He was dying laughing during this part of our conversation, just so you know.)

Brantley: "Well, I can't do that, but... I do have a pair of brass-knuckles in my pocket if you want to use those??"

Me: "Perfect!!!"

How do you think our first meeting is going?!? Ha!

Wait, wait... the man had a pair of brass-knuckles in his pocket?!?! Yes, he did! Haha!

I then told him how much I absolutely love More Than Miles and I hope it climbs the chart. He was very sweet and wasn't at all bothered by me. He actually thought it was really funny and was a great sport about it!

See folks, there are people out there with a great sense of humor that can laugh at themselves. He seems to be one of those people. I'm glad I was able to meet him, because he was delightful and very sweet.

Now, don't get too excited... I still don't like it that he wears those t-shirts and more jewelry than me. By the way, he had on five rings, four bracelets, two chains to his wallet, gage earrings, two necklaces and some brass knuckles. I didn't even pack that much jewelry with me for the whole weekend, ha!

You know.. I am starting to wonder if that Jana Kramer girlfriend of his is nice enough for him. He seems like a sweetheart and she'd better treat him right! :)

See... we're friends now!