First things first... these are NOT home videos! Haha! On account of Valentine's Day, I thought I would share with you my top 5 sexiest videos. Enjoy!Rascal Flatts "I Melt"

Ummm....someone's been working out!


Faith Hill " Breathe"

I'm a chick and I know this is hot. I think even Stevie Wonder knows this is hot...

Faith Hill, Breathe


Chuck Wicks "Hold That Thought"

The only thing hotter than this song, is the video. You're welcome!


Randy Rogers Band "Kiss Me In The Dark"

I am pretty much in love with this song. Yep, that's about it! Wowzers


Jake Owen "Alone With You"

Grab a glass of wine and be really jealous that you're not this girl.

Happy Valentine's Day!