Each Saturday morning, you (hopefully) tune in to hear Chad and Dave count down your top ten songs of the week in our BKR's Dozen Countdown. Each week I join the boys for a few minutes to give my "Hottie of the Week". And, no...it's not always about what they look like, haha! This is a song that I pick that I think will end up in the top ten in our countdown. But, sometimes, I do get lucky and have a "Double-Hottie"! (Awesome song and a cutie-pie or two!)

This week is one of those weeks, ha!

I'm pretty much in love with the boys of the Florida Georgia Line! They captured all of our hearts with their debut single, "Cruise". Their follow up to their Number 1 song was one of my favorites when I got their album a few months back. "Get Your Shine On" (Or The Light Song as Carsyn calls it) is such a feel-good, let's have a good time song. These boys are so much fun and it really shines through their music. I'm pretty sure I made a good choice on this one. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Now, excuse me while I get on my strawberry shimmer on hot lips...