I'd say that most of us have a pretty solid routine come Sunday. Here's how ours normally goes... wake up WITHOUT any help from the alarm, eat either cinnamon rolls or pancakes, wait until the very last minute to start getting ready for church, go to church (get there 5 minutes after the service has started), go eat after church (Carsyn's choice) and my favorite....

Take a NAP! Ahhh.... yes, we are all guilty of taking advantage of nap-time as a child. Then, as so many other things from our childhood, we realize way too late just how good we had it. I would give just about anything to add a nap into my regular work-day during the week, but it ain't happening! So, on Sunday, I take full advantage of my break from the world and snooze away for at least two hours. Nowadays, it's not only me and Carsyn cuddled on the couch, but add in puppy Clyde. Being that she can get on the couch by herself now, even if she doesn't start on the couch, she always ends up on it, haha!

Here's our recipe for a perfect nap:

Full Tummy - Lunch is a very important factor in taking a good nap. Can't have a rumbly-tummy interrupting your sleeping!

Fitting TV Show - It's happened more than once and I always end up regretting it. When by myself, I've been known to watch an all-day Criminal Minds marathon. That's not a good idea, I've woken up plenty of times terrified because of a dream of being the subject of a serial killers affection... it's just bad! So, I suggest anything on HGTV. Today, it was House Hunters; lovely.

Perfect Setting - Do I close all the blinds? Heck yes I do! The lighting needs to be perfect. Also, the temperature is very important. We like to have the ceiling fan on for a nice constant breeze. With a grown woman, sweaty child and a dog, it gets a little steamy on the couch. Plus, we have to have some covers, so there can be no room to accidentally get hot.

And the most important piece to the puzzle - Grandma Graves' Quilt. My Dad's Mom made a quilt, just for me! It is hand-stitched and has doll panels with pink border. It even has my name stitched by her in one of the corners. Even Carsyn knows which cover to grab for our naps and yes, one day I'll pass it along to her for Sunday naps at her house!

So, aside from the occasional bridal/baby shower or kids birthday party, from now until September 22nd (The Titans first regular-season Home game!), you can find me and mine taking lovely naps on Sundays! Oh, if you plan on coming by to visit, I wouldn't stop by between 1:00pm -3:30pm. We'll be napping ;)