Jac's Magazines

We all have that one thing that we love and have no idea why, right?!? I've always heard that the first step is admitting your problem, so here I go...

My name is Jaclyn and I'm addicted to bridal magazines. Whew... I already feel better!

Maybe it's because I began singing in weddings when I was 13 years old and witnessed 100s? Maybe it's because I'm a girl and we're just hardwired to love weddings? Maybe it's because I'm a hopeless romantic and just love the promise of a new beginning? Whatever the reason is, I LOVE weddings! Seriously, I would have become a wedding planner if it didn't require all of my weekends.

So, here's my issue... I'm addicted to bridal magazines. Pretty sure we all know that at this point in my life, I'm the farthest thing away from getting married, ha! But, I love the magazines and I really enjoy looking thru all of the rings, flowers, new trends and the cakes. Mmmm...the cakes! ;)

I think the worst thing about my obsession is that Carsyn is now addicted to the magazines too, ha! She LOVES going thru and picking out her favorite princess dresses. Maybe it is just a girl thing, who knows?!? I do know this thou, at $5.99 to $9.99 an issue, my obsession is getting pretty expensive, ha!

Geez, I'll never get a date admitting to being obsessed with weddings... Man, I've really got that being single thing down pat, haha!