Today, July 26, 2012, I recall a day 44 years ago when I was at KCKN in Kansas City and received a call from former KCKN deejay Early Williams, who was working in Nashville for Shelby Singleton at Plantation Records. Early told me he had a acetate (a record-looking, round object on which test pressings were issued) to send me of a new singer and a song written by Tom T. Hall, who had had some success already as a writer-singer. The song was HARPER VALLEY P.T.A., and I was the first to play it. It was an immediate smash and very quickly became a number one country and pop hit. It went on to sell eight million copies.I received a gold record for it, which is in my daughter Rene's home in Louisiana.

And, I also have this nifty note from Jeannie C. Riley. I wish she had dated it. But, it is obviously from the week to tune was released.










Here's Miss Jeannie singing the tune on You Tube.

And, today it is our SONG OF THE DAY for BKR Bunch members.