I had the great pleasure, last Saturday afternoon, of participating in the 2nd Annual Trinity Benefit for Trinity High School in Whitesville. Yes, I had the unbelievably tough task of being a judge for the event's barbeque cook-off.

Obviously, there are MANY worse things you could do on a Saturday afternoon than taste barbecued Boston butt from 26 different cooking teams. And it was all AMAZING!! But, here's what I mean by tough...it was all AMAZING!! It was really all incredibly delicious and the others judges and I--and, by the way, one of the judges was none other than UK legend Kenny "Sky" Walker--agreed this was going to be nearly impossible.

The differences between the high quality of all the barbecue were microscopic. Ultimately, a winner was determined and a big congratulations to that winning team--Better Late Than Never.

But the biggest winner of the day was Trinity High School. Actually, anyone or any organization that benefits from the enormous generosity of Jerry and Vickie Morris is a big winner. Back in February, Jerry and his Pit Masters raised more than $10,000 for the St. Jude Radiothon.

And, throughout the crowd, Saturday, you could hear just about anyone mention that Jerry will go anywhere to help anyone who needs it, if he's available. The Morrises are great people and great assets to this community. And it was my privilege to be able to help them in any way that I could.