It has become an annual tradition here on The WBKR Waking Crew and Wednesday is the BIG day!  We are gearing up for Jimmy Parrot's big birthday party.  Jimmy will be joining us LIVE in the studio Wednesday from 6am to 9 and, as usual, we'll have a bunch of special guests along to help us celebrate.  In case you missed last year's festivities, we have included some of the highlights for you to get you ready to party with us this year!  LOOK!

Kizzy brought Jimmy SPAM!

Yep!  Kizzy dropped by last year and brought Jimmy a whole grocery bag full of goodies.  Take a listen!

And, of course, another highlight last year was Jimmy's cake, created and baked by The Cup Cakery.  And, yes, that's Ann Komis' face on it!  LOL!

Jimmy's ANN KOMIS cake!

And, Ann was a truly GREAT sport.  She even called in to wish Jimmy a VERY Happy Birthday.  LISTEN!

What kinds of surprises do we have in store for Jimmy this year?  Tune into The WBKR Waking Crew Wednesday morning to find out.  And, as always, we invite Jimmy's fans to call in birthday wishes to our studio lines (926-WBKR or 1-800-844-WBKR) or Facebook them to us on the WBKR page.