Joan Rivers new book, I Hate Everyone  . . . Starting with Me, is hilarious.  I picked it up because I wanted something fun and light to read while I was lounging by the pool on vacation.  And Joan delivered with 242 pages of raucous, laugh-out-loud one-liners.  In the book, Joan takes on virtually anything and everything you can think of . . . including country music stars, who get a big shout-out on page 155.  Wanna know what Joan says about them?

In her chapter called "Road Trip," Joan has a section about country stars and how they travel.  And here's what Joan writes:

I hate country stars who like traveling in giant customized buses so they can schlep their entire families with them:  parents, kids, grandkids, goats . . . Look, I appreciate the sentiment; family is an important thing, but Dolly, Willie, Garth . . . I know your hearts are in the right place, but seriously, you're spending millions of dollars on a bus?  When Melissa was a child and I was on the road I took her everywhere I went.  But never once did I think about buying a bus; until she was twelve, she fit perfectly into the overhead.  When she got a little older I sent her via cargo- I was told it was usually heated , and she wasn't in the same compartment as the luggage.

Joan's new book is a quick and great read.  In addition to country music stars, she takes on Octomom, the cast of Glee, Betty White, flight attendants, waiters, waitresses, Schindler's List, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, child stars, and more!  As usual, she's irreverent, politically incorrect and side-splitting.

I Hate Everyone . . . Starting With Me is available in book stores and all digital outlets.