About a month and a half ago, I blogged about the Kentucky Wildcats' basketball team and was then asked why, since we were just a month into football season. Well, after watching the 'Cats chalk up their fourth SEC loss against the team (Mississippi State) they had the best (although not great) chance of beating, I say basketball can't get here quick enough.

In fact, I don't mind talking about seasons of the future. And neither does John Calipari. Three years ago when he got together with Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and got the Champions Classic organized, I crossed my fingers that a great tradition was born. For college basketball fans, having Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and Michigan State--four of the premiere college hoops programs--play each other in a three-year round robin is pure nirvana.

Now, not only is the series likely to be renewed, but Coach Cal is closing in on completing the organization of a new 4-team event which very much resembles the Champions Classic. It would be another 3-year event and would feature the 'Cats, North Carolina, UCLA, and Ohio State.
Since Kentucky already plays in a series with North Carolina, they would still play the Tar Heels even in the seasons when Carolina would be their opponent in this event.

Plus, this series would be played concurrently with the renewed Champions Classic meaning Kentucky would have a STACKED schedule year in and year out.

When John Calipari got to Kentucky in 2009, this is exactly the kind of thing he was planning. Kentucky was always his dream job and felt it was college basketball's premiere program and, as such, should be playing the nation's other top teams as much as possible.

Well, it looks as if that mission is nearly accomplished.