While sitting here wrapping Christmas gifts tonight, I started thinking about Christmas through the years. And because of all of the Christmas commercials on the TV, I started thinking about Christmas gifts over the years.

Photo by Jordan Winders

Like most kids there were a lot of "in the moment" items that I asked for like popular video games and toys. I remember a lot of the "hot ticket items" growing up. Some of them were pretty interesting, even by today's standards. But one of the things I always looked forward to were the commercials for the "latest and greatest" Christmas items.

I started thinking about my favorite Christmas gifts. One memory stood out.

It was one of the earliest gifts I can remember receiving, and has to be my favorite gift I received as a child. It was a kids electric guitar. I was always into music and Mom and Dad thought it would be a good idea to get me started in music. I was probably around 6 years old. I actually still have the guitar, hoping to pass it down to my kids some day!

Photo by Jordan Winders

So with that being said, what are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Any that stand out? And what were your favorite gifts growing up?