Happy New Year! Hope everyone is ready for a great 2013. Everyone else has been talking about their top songs of 2012, but I decided I would bring you my top 12 movies of 2012. Now while I have seen a good majority of the movies released this year (yes I go to the movies a lot), there are still some last minute entries that I would like to see. So this is a list of the top 12 movies I have seen from 2012! What were your favorite movies of 2012?

12. Lockout

11. Man on a ledge

10. Taken 2

9. The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey

8. Total Recall

7. The Bourne Legacy

6. Red Dawn

5. Dark Knight Rises

4. Trouble with the Curve

3. The Amazing Spiderman

2. Hunger Games

1.  Skyfall