There's nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry, right?  Now, I am not suggesting that there's any real type of competition between American Idol Season One winner Kelly Clarkson and Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood, but since the two are the show's most successful winners and are constantly in a tug-of-war in the Idol sales figures, one would assume that human nature occasionally gets the best of them.  After all, they constantly seem to be in the other's territory.  Carrie branches out into pop/rock, sings with Steven Tyler then covers Motley Crue and Kelly steps in and out of country music with ease and scores huge.  She reached #2 on the country chart with Reba McEntire on "Because of You."   Then she blasted her way to the top of the charts with Jason Aldean on 2011's "Don't You Wanna Stay."  Well, now this friendly "rivalry" has gotten even more interesting.  Kelly has the nerve, the cajones, to cover a Carrie song.  As Kizzy would say, "Oh no she didn't!"  But, oh yes she did!  Let the vocal powerhouse games begin!!

"I Know You Won't" was my absolute FAVORITE song off Carrie Underwood's CD Carnival Ride. And, what is so cool about Kelly's version is the unique spin of her own that she puts on it.  And, quite frankly, I think she sings the holy crap out of it and I love her take on the tune.

But make no mistake!  Kelly may be able to blast high notes out of the air like she's shooting skeet, but Carrie can tear into that song too.  Take a listen to this performance Carrie gave a couple of years back at The Grand Ole Opry!

So, which version is YOUR favorite?  If we put Kelly and Carrie in a boxing ring, who would you put your money on?

Whether there's really a rivalry or not, it's fun to watch two of the best singers in the world duke it out in the studio, on stage and on the charts.  According to a May 2011 Billboard magazine article about the Top 24 American Idols, Kelly is the undisputed champion of the world.  And they backed up their claim with some hard stats.  Look . . .


Kelly Clarkson:

Album sales- 10,600,000

Track sales- 15,900,000

Radio plays- 4,260,000


Carrie Underwood:

Album sales-11,500,000

Track sales- 13,900,000

Radio Plays- 2,426,000

As you can see, Carrie leads Kelly in the total album sales, but she is going to be challenged on Tuesday.  October 24th, Clarkson will release her brand new CD Stronger.  With her current single "Mr. Know It All" working its way up the charts and glowing early reviews of her CD, Kelly is going to sell a lot of copies.

So, watch out Carrie!  Kelly's got her eye on you.  But I have a feeling you're looking over your shoulder and planning your next move as well.  I, for one, can't wait to see it and, more importantly, hear it!  Like I said, there's nothing wrong with little friendly rivalry, right??