Well, I mean she's only going to be two hours away! When Nashville Kat annouinced this on the WBKR Waking Crew Show Monday I thoughht Chad was really going to lose it. Kelly is his heart throb. She currently lives in her home state of Texas, but she told Nashville's Tennessean, she is currently in the process of finding a home in Music City.

“It’s like Texas, but I can get work done, as well. Everybody’s kind of the same speed as Texans, and everybody’s really nice and welcoming."

Though Clarkson already owns a condo in the Adelicia in Midtown Nashville she just may want to spend more quality time with her boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock,  Reba McEntire's stepson. Kelly is managed by Reba's husband, Narvel Blackstock.

"They’re all in the country world,” Clarkson says of Nashville family. “But I think it’s just because, I don’t know, I do love pop music, but I think I have more of a southern mentality. Even just emotionally, I’m more that girl."

She's proud of her CMA nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year and tweeted, “I promise to earn that," just after the nominations were announced.

"I think we’re going to try and do a couple (of songs) just for country music and still keep doing stuff for pop, as well," she shares.

“I have a great career. I never want to compromise my career just to get more fans,” she says. “I think that’s cheesy, and I think it’s transparent, as well. As long as it’s a natural thing, and it’s something that I love, I’m totally cool with doing it.”

It's been tried before (Eagles, Julio Iglesias, et al.) but she just might do it. Moving to Music City is a great first step.

Thanks to Cory Strombald at Taste of Country for pointing us in this direction.