Before I even get started here, let me put out a disclaimer... If you don't have a sense of humor, please STOP reading, ha! I, by no means am putting down the Kentucky Basketball fan base, so please talk yourself out of sending me a hate email.

One of my favorite sports reporters to follow is Clay Travis. He's hilarious, speaks the truth and has an uncanny way of making every fan-base hate him. But, he's entertaining and knows what he's talking about. So, his website Outkick the Coverage is one that I frequently visit. A few days ago, I found this little gem... a song about Kentucky basketball, written by a proud member of Big Blue Nation.

Meet Joe Schroer and watch him sing "I Bleed Big Blue".

I have no words... but Clay Travis does. IF you think you can handle the harmless hilarity of reading what he has to say, click HERE. I giggled.. a lot.