There might be a new tourist attraction just to the northeast of Louisville in Oldham County. It's the playhouse that sits high in the sky.

Rusty Combs designed and built the 12 ft x 12ft structure for his 20-month old granddaughter and it is impressive. In fact, when she outgrows locals needing a cheap place to live might start asking him how much rent he'd charge.

The playhouse comes equipped with air conditioning, running water, lighting and a terrific view. Combs says that eight or nine water towers can be seen from the playhouse windows when the leaves begin to fall.

Seriously, how cool would this spot be for kids in the fall. Or anytime, really. Like I said, it's AIR conditioned.

Of course, you need to climb four 8-foot ladders to get to the playhouse, but what kid wouldn't scale THAT in record time?