I think this is incredibly cool. The Bullitt County Kentucky History Museum has just added a unique piece to its collection. It's an essentially mint-condition comprehensive 8th grade exam written in 1912.

There are 8 subjects covered on the test: spelling, math (or arithmetic as it was more commonly called then), history, geography, physiology, reading, grammar, and civil government.

Not having studied for it, but hoping that my many years of existence would have instilled knowledge, I took the test.

And I would have failed...miserably.

A couple of the math questions I did in my head but I probably wouldn't have had time for how long I took if I had taken the exam in class. And I would likely have had to "show my work."

I got a couple of the geography questions right. And I was always a good speller so that wouldn't have been a problem. What I found odd was how difficult the grammar section was. I didn't even understand the questions, for the most part.

Since I'm not sure I have permission to post the full exam or its answers on this blog, I'll give you links to both so you can try your hand. Seriously, give the test a shot before looking at the answers to see how you do. I'd be curious. But I think it's really hard.

Here's the test. And here are the answers. Have fun.