"What I learned about Kentucky made me pop my gum", hapless woman stumbling around the Internet. No, actually I ran across this story at buzzfeed.com about important things we enjoy today and what states they came from. I did not know chewing gum was invented in Kentucky. And, that is not entirely correct. Chewing gum has been around for centuries. But, a Louisville pharmacist, John Colgan, created a special type called Taffy Tolu. He sold it a his little pharmacy in the 1880's. And, before long he sold his pharmacy because the gum was selling so well. He had a special way to treat the ingredients that caused the gum to taste better for along time.

We don't want to leave Indiana out. Because Frigidaire made the first of these in Ft. Wayne.

Courtesy go-greenriver.com

The Guardian Frigerator Company delivered the first one in 1916. In 1919, General Motors bought it and applied the name Frigidaire. Today, we commonly refer to any refrigerator as "the fridge", a derivative of the widespread popularity of the appliance.

You can check out all fifty states here. For more fun, just add ice.