With Election Day being tomorrow, anything and everything about politics is being posted on Facebook. (If you're like me, you're ready for it to go away!) I was scanning my news feed recently, when a friend of mine from Atlanta posted a picture of his "I voted" sticker. Well, wouldn't you know that it was the cutest little peach sticker I've ever seen! Yeah, I was officially jealous!

While I do understand the severity of this election season, there is one thing that has been brought to my attention that I think needs immediate assistance... our Kentucky "I Voted" sticker is lacking! Ha! Sure, maybe not the most important thing going on, but why not have a little fun with it! So, I have a few options for our great state to turn our plain ole stickers into something really cute! Just humor me and vote for your favorite! :)

Photos from kentuckytourism.com and louisville.com