Parents, grandparents, and kids alike can get out of the house and into some FUN! Join us on February 19th from 1-5 PM at the University of Evansville’s Carson Center in the Large Gym for this fun-filled event. It is the first of it’s kind during the winter months that allows kids, parents, and grandparents to shake off the cabin fever! Allow the little ones a chance to engage in multiple fun and educational activities under one roof! Cold weather rules out parks and outdoor play, but we’re creating an indoor fun center for families to play and bond during winter months.


Alles Brothers in Henderson will be giving away a bunk bed ($1,000 value).
  • Spudz-N-Stuff will be bringing potatoes and craft supplies to make your own real Mr. Potato Head!
  • The Arts Council of Southwest Indiana is bringing in artists for mini lessons.
  • Youth Resources is bringing a humongous parachute for kids to decorate!
  • Desktop Doctors are taking the Safe Internet Browsing/Cyber Bullying approach with parents and kid tips and a fun activity!
  • TD Kits/Fingerprinting
  • Vision Scans from Evansville Lions Club
  • Gatti Town is providing video games, hair feathers and glitter tattoos for a fun day of pampering!
  • Simply Fun will also be hosting a booth within the Game Zone featuring Educational Games!
  • River City Food Co-op will be providing huge inflatables for kids to burn off energy as well as healthy eating advice and a fun activity!
  • King's Taekwondo will be providing demonstrations.
Dish Express will be providing a large Flat Screen TV for Dad’s to enjoy while the kids play, snacks (chips and drinks), and kids games with candy prizes.
Magician Matt Grisham will be performing for your children's enjoyment! Youth Resources is providing a huge parachute for kids to decorate! There will be so many more activities for the family to enjoy! Make sure you get your ticket in advance! They are free, but are required for the $1000 bunk bed give away from Alles Brothers Furniture!

Tickets sponsored by cMOE

Tickets are now FREE and available at several locations!
Tickets are available at these locations: The River City Food Co-op, the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, SICAN, 911 Gives Hope, Smile on Down Syndrome, Townsquare Office, and more to come so stay tuned…