Wednesday was Carsyn's "pretend birthday" at school. That's a day where the kids who have birthdays during the summer months get to celebrate their special day with their classmates. As I was sitting in my tiny child-sized chair it hit me... I'm not ready to let kindergarten go.

I'm sure you're thinking that I'm referring to Carsyn, but it's more than that. See, she likes me to walk her in to her classroom in the mornings, so I always do. I'm also really fortunate that if there is a party or special event at school, I can rearrange my work schedule and go. With the time that I've been able to spend in her classroom, I've gotten attached to her classmates. When I walk in, they yell my name and run over for a big hug. I've seen them grow throughout the year, seen many-a teeth leave, hair-cuts and heard just about every type of story you can imagine, ha!

So, while Carsyn and I were sitting at Table 1 in Mrs. Hoffman's class, I realized I wasn't going to get to see these kids almost every day and my heart got a little sad. Kindergarten is such a special, magical year. Half of them still can't talk properly, most still need you to help tie their shoes or help with the occasional runaway boogie, but all of them still have that sweet innocence that is priceless. They still run up to you and cling to your leg when you walk in. They just can't wait for the grown-ups to stop talking, so they can show you the awesome octopus the just colored, ha! They're so full of joy, that it sometimes gives me the "I'm crying because I'm happy" tears.

If you have a child in Mrs. Hoffman's kindergarten class at Sutton Elementary School, please know that I will miss them. Maybe that sounds a little weird, but they are all so precious. There is nothing like visiting a classroom full of five and six year-olds to remind you just how beautiful children are. Their spirit, their curiosity, their love for each other, is contagious.

If I could control things, I would keep them together until graduation. Obviously, that ain't gonna work, ha! I'm sure I'll love first grade as much as kindergarten, but this one's a little tough to let go of. It was just such a special year, I can't wait to see what next year holds for all of us.