It wasn't supposed to happen.  She didn't have an official "meet and greet" pass.  But, Kizzy had a dream, a passion gnawing at her innards like a pork rind and Diet Rite!  She wanted to meet Blake "Honey Bee Buzz Buzz" Shelton at The Big O Music Fest and nothing was going to stand in her way.  And despite the pesky security guards and Blake's mean, ol' road manager, our little Juliet pushed her way through the crowds to get to her Romeo.  And we have the video proof!  Yep!  WBKR has obtained a pirate copy of their encounter.  WATCH!!

While their meeting didn't last long, we're sure Kizzy left quite an impression on Blake!  As you can see, before security took out the cameraman, he was all smiles.  We guess Kizzy Bee gave him a little honey.  Buzz buzz.  Stang stang!