Miss Kizzy wants some lovin' . . . from YOU!  If you tune into The WBKR Waking Crew each weekday morning you have probably heard Kizzy.  She has quickly become one of the most popular features of the show and she's now becoming popular all across the country.  In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, Kizzy performed stand-up comedy in front of a crowd of 17,000 in Hotlanta.  So, now, Miss Kizzy is going global with her first official Facebook fan page.  And she wants YOU to LIKE it! 

To join Miss Kizzy's Official Fan Page, CLICK HERE!  You'll get to enjoy daily Facebook postings from Kizzy, rants about people acting a fool, funny stories about Clarence, Darnell and Kate Plus Eight, her neighbor One-Legged Laverne and more.  Plus, you'll get to enjoy her endless love offerings to Blake 'Honey Bee Buzz Buzz' Sheltron, Trace 'Honkytonbadonkadonk' Adkrins, Tim 'I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More of It' McGraw, Matthew McConnaComeOnOverHereHey, and more!

And be sure to catch Kizzy each weekday morning at 6:50 CST on The WBKR Waking Crew!