Do you have a great singing voice? Do you like to perform live? How would you like to sing the "National Anthem" in front of thousands of people at the beginning of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Evansville on September 24, 2011? If this sounds like something you want to do, then enter below for your chance to perform!


•In Indiana, for every 100,000 females, there are (on average) 114 instances of Breast Cancer.

•Of those 114, 24 (on average) will die of the cancer

•In Indiana, 52% of women 40+ have had a mammogram in the last year. 48% have not received an annual mammogram

•Currently there are 1,800 prevalent breast cancer cases in the tri-state area

•In addition, there were over 110 deaths related to breast cancer in the tri-state in 2010.


•The Greater Evansville Komen affiliate services a 28-county area in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky, offering programs and services promoting breast health, educating and assisting those less fortunate to win the fight over breast cancer.


1. Maximize coverage of breast health services for those who do not have the ability to pay for services.

2. Increase awareness of breast health issues for those underserved women who do not have an adequate understanding nor are aware of the programs available to obtain services.

3. Increase the screening rates within the African American and Hispanic Communities and the rural areas of Illinois to aid in the discovery of breast cancer at an earlier stage and decrease the mortality rate.

Join our Winner, Brett Enneking, as she sings the national anthem and kicks off the annual Race for the Cure Saturday September 24, 2011 in Downtown Evansville!

Brett Enneking