I've always found the whole notion of PERFUME a little silly.  I've known some gals who will literally power-wash themselves with it in an effort to land a man!  But, think about this for a second!   Do men really seek out women who smell like lilacs, jasmine and honeysuckle?  I'm pretty sure most guys don't even have a clue what hyacinth is so why in the flip would you want to smell like it?  I mean, for real!  Are you trying to attract a burly, studly man or a hummingbird?  But, alas!!  There's a brand new fragrance on the market guaranteed to get your man's attention and have his mouth watering at first sight and sniff of you!   It's called QUE!

Yes . . . I am not kidding!  There's now a perfume that smells like the grill!  From Pork Barrel BBQ comes the brand new fragrance . . . QUE- Eau de Barbeque!  QUE is described by its makers as "an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat and sweet summer sweat!"  Yes!  Finally!!  Perfume SCENTS that make SENSE!!!  See you, Lilac.  Bite me, Jasmine!  Hasta la vista, Hyacinth!

Ladies, if you really want to make yourself irresistible to a man, you should smell like something he can truly understand and relate to.  Like a Ribeye Steak.  Like a hickory-smoked Boston butt!  Or a juicy, barbecued jerk chicken!  Of course, you may also attract the neighborhood dogs and have to fight Labradors off your leg!  But, hey!  At least you'll smell delicious!

Check out QUE- Eau de Barbecue today! And be sure to watch the QUE commercials!  Hilarious!