Two of the biggest stars in the history of recorded music on stage at London's Hyde Park singing one those artist's biggest hits, "Twist and Shout." All of a sudden, the crowd could NO LONGER HEAR Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen.

As the support act for The Boss, Lady Antebellum was on hand and had a ringside seat for the festivities-turned-fiasco.


What's a bigger headline, anyway? That these two legends were on stage together, OR that a 10:30 noise curfew was strictly enforced and they were SILENCED? You can pick.

As for Lady A, they would have enjoyed seeing the show go on. So would have the crowd. Where was that noise curfew when the fans started "twisting and shouting" because they couldn't hear these guys anymore? I guess they didn't crack the decibel threshold.

It didn't really matter. McCartney and Springsteen and the band finished up.

The show must go on...even if no one can hear it.

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