If Internet gawkers only read the headlines, they'll draw conclusions they ought not to draw regarding the news that Leann Rimes checked herself into rehab following a dinner celebrating her 30th birthday.

Leann says it has nothing to do with drugs or a rumored eating disorder. Instead, Leann is entering a rehab facility to learn coping mechanisms. Leann has been dealing with stress and anxiety and will seek to clear her head and just take a break.

Certainly there will be speculation as to why she is plagued by stress and anxiety, but speculation doesn't amount to anything. She's a busy woman and probably put way too much on her plate. Maybe turning 30 has something to do with it.

There will be those who won't believe her. There will be those who will simply assign a reason to the situation without having any facts. Hopefully, Leann's been in this business long enough to realize that what people don't know and think they know, won't hurt her.

We wish her the best.